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How Does A Will Benefit Me And My Loved Ones?

With a will, you can communicate to your loved ones your wishes and desires for your legacy, even when you are no longer with them. A will can ensure that your assets are properly distributed to intended heirs and benefit your family by preventing your estate from having to go through a drawn-out probate process.

As residents with a longtime legal practice in the state of Connecticut, our attorneys understand local succession laws and how best to navigate them. Work with Beebe and O’Neil to draft your testamentary documents today.

When Is A Good Time To Get A Will?

There is never a wrong time to prepare for your future — the important thing is starting sooner, rather than later. Do not leave your loved ones vulnerable to the unpredictable nature of life.

For the following reasons and more, establishing a will and updating it consistently may be practical:

  • You are newly married
  • Growth of your family
  • Finalization of a divorce
  • Death of an heir or beneficiary
  • Change in the value of your estate
  • Moving across state lines

With our help, you can create a will that protects you, your loved ones and your assets. We also assist clients with the review and revision of old testamentary documents to ensure that everything is up to date.

Why Pay A Lawyer When I Can Do It Online For Free?

Online templates are generic and cannot account for life’s twists and turns. As you age, you may find that certain changes to your will are necessary. Your relationship with heirs and beneficiaries could change as well.

Working with one of our attorneys to customize your will is the best way to ensure that those who matter to you are accounted for. Call 860-222-2021 or send us a message to schedule a consultation at our Norwich office. We can discuss the benefits and importance of drafting or updating your will today.