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Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury Claims

A car crash, a dog bite, a fall and other accidents can leave injured people with many different questions. What should they do next? What are their options? How will they address the cost of recovery? Injured people deserve to have answers during this challenging time.

At Beebe and O’Neil, we are dedicated to providing injured people in Norwich and the surrounding area with experienced guidance after an accident. We can answer your questions and provide you information to help you make informed decisions.

What steps should I take after a car accident?

After a crash, the steps you take to protect your safety and your ability to receive compensation can be key. First, you should safely stop your car and check for injuries. If it is safe to do so, move your vehicle out of traffic. Call the authorities to report the accident, and seek emergency medical assistance for anyone with serious injuries.

If there were no serious injuries, you may also want to photograph the scene of the crash and the damage done to the vehicles, write down the contact information of the driver and any witnesses, and record any details that you remember. Contacting an attorney may also offer more guidance.

After a dog attack, can I hold the owner responsible?

While there are some exceptions, generally the law holds dog owners liable for a bite. This means that you could receive compensation to address the impact that a dog bite had on your health or the health of a loved one.

When is an injury considered catastrophic?

A catastrophic injury leaves the injured person unable to easily return to their life as it was before an accident, often requiring extensive medical treatment for recovery if recovery is possible at all. This can include injuries to the brain or spine, burns that do permanent damage and a variety of other conditions.

Do I need to work with an attorney after an accident?

While the law does not require you to speak to an attorney, experienced legal guidance can benefit you in a variety of ways after an accident. Your lawyer can not only help you explore your legal options but also help you navigate the insurance claims process.

To schedule a consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney at Beebe and O’Neil, reach out through our online contact form or call 860-222-2021.