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Injured Passengers

It is not uncommon for passengers to be injured in a motor vehicle accident. Passengers, however, typically have a different set of rights than the vehicle’s driver. After an accident, it is wise to seek the counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney.

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At Beebe and O’Neil, our Norwich passenger injury lawyers have extensive experience representing injured clients. Depending on the circumstances of your accident, we might be able to determine negligence on the part of one or more individuals. It is likely that the accident was caused by the driver of your vehicle, or the driver of a different vehicle. Once liability has been determined, we will negotiate with the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier for a beneficial settlement. Through a personal injury claim, we will aggressively seek monetary damages for your lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

Is The Passenger Entitled To Monetary Compensation?

The majority of questions we hear during a free consultation focus on whether a passenger is actually entitled to recover monetary compensation. In fact, we receive many calls from passengers who were injured in an accident caused by the driver of the vehicle they were in. Even in these situations, a passenger might be entitled to recover damages. The more complex your situation, the more you need a skilled attorney to provide valuable insight and legal guidance.

With more than 100 years of combined experience, our personal injury attorneys have handled auto accident cases ranging from simple to complex. Let us thoroughly examine your accident and provide a realistic assessment of your legal options.

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