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Dog bite injuries

Some pet owners in Connecticut might not be cognizant of the fact that, each year, some 4.5 million people suffer dog-bite injuries, with approximately 885,000 of them requiring medical care. Moreover, some owners might not be aware that if a person is injured by a dog bite, the animal's owner may be held liable for the incident.

What damages can be collected for dog bites?

People who have suffered dog bite injuries in Connecticut may wonder if they are able to sue the dog's owners, and if so, what damages they may be able to recover. Under the state's strict liability statute, a dog owner may be held liable for damages even if he or she had no reason to believe that the dog had a propensity to attack others or had never bitten another person before. Moreover, injured victims do not need to prove negligence under this statute.

How animal bites may impact Connecticut residents

It is estimated that 2 to 5 million animal bites occur in the United States each year, and 85 to 90 percent of animal bites are dog bites. Cat bites comprise up to 10 percent of bites each year, while rodent bites make up to 3 percent. The majority of animal bite victims are children.

Man suffers improper treatment for Lyme disease

While people in Connecticut and other New England states understand the dangers of ticks, they are especially wary of Lyme disease. Almost 300,000 people are infected with Lyme disease annually. The Center for Disease Control has been widely criticized for their testing procedure that often yields inconclusive results. One man's experience showed the plethora of problems that can come from the illness, the testing procedure and the medical system.

Victim of chimp attack claims government agency was negligent

The state of Connecticut is protected from lawsuits by sovereign immunity, which means that if a lawsuit against the state is to move forward, the state has to first give permission. That permission has to be granted by a special claims commissioner.

Woman suffers facial injuries in Connecticut dog attack

Typically, after a dog has seriously bitten a person and police respond to the scene, the animal is quarantined for a period of time. Authorities may then investigate other possible attacks and decide the fate of the dog. The owner of the animal could also be charged with a violation.

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