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Why bald tires are dangerous

Regular automotive maintenance is necessary for the safe operation of a motor vehicle on the roads of Connecticut. This includes the tires. The wide variety of inclement weather conditions on the highways of this state demand that the tires be well maintained and replaced when necessary.

Dog bite injuries

Some pet owners in Connecticut might not be cognizant of the fact that, each year, some 4.5 million people suffer dog-bite injuries, with approximately 885,000 of them requiring medical care. Moreover, some owners might not be aware that if a person is injured by a dog bite, the animal's owner may be held liable for the incident.

What damages can be collected for dog bites?

People who have suffered dog bite injuries in Connecticut may wonder if they are able to sue the dog's owners, and if so, what damages they may be able to recover. Under the state's strict liability statute, a dog owner may be held liable for damages even if he or she had no reason to believe that the dog had a propensity to attack others or had never bitten another person before. Moreover, injured victims do not need to prove negligence under this statute.

Crossing guard injured in auto-pedestrian crash

Crossing guards charged with the responsibility of keeping children safe as they cross the street may regularly encounter angry and impatient drivers while doing their jobs. One crossing guard in Connecticut was reportedly taken to the hospital on Sept. 12 for treatment of serious injuries, including broken bones, when she was struck by a vehicle in a crosswalk near an elementary school.

I-84 accident leaves 4 critically injured

The Connecticut State Police reported that the driver of a Pontiac Sunfire had crashed on Interstate 84 near exit 68 around 8:40 a.m. on July 10. The accident, which remained under investigation as of the that night, caused four people to suffer critical injuries.

2-year-old left in car shifts into drive, causes car accident

Mischievous teenagers too young to have a driver’s license have been known take a car for a joyride, usually without the permission of an adult.  But when a child, so young that she cannot reach the floorboard to brake or accelerate, shifts a car into drive when left alone in the vehicle, all parties involved are lucky if major damages, serious injuries and even death are avoided. Recently, a Connecticut man left his 2-year-old daughter alone in a running car.

Snowy sidewalk may have been factor in fatal pedestrian accident

As part of an investigation into a fatal pedestrian accident in Manchester, Connecticut, police are working to determine whether a snow-covered sidewalk may have been a factor in the collision. According to police, a 53-year-old man was fatally hit by a vehicle as he pushed a shopping cart along the street.

So-called 'peephole' drivers pose risks to Connecticut motorists

It's no secret that in the Northeast, and perhaps especially this year, the roads can be treacherous during the winter. Not all drivers take the proper safety precautions, however, as we can see with so-called "peephole" drivers.

Head-on crash in Litchfield takes 1 life, injures 2 others

A head-on collision in Litchfield, Connecticut, has taken one person's life and injured two others. According to police, a 32-year-old Warren man was driving a car that for some reason crossed the center line of traffic and collided with an oncoming vehicle driven by a 66-year-old woman from Torrington.

Woman suffers facial injuries in Connecticut dog attack

Typically, after a dog has seriously bitten a person and police respond to the scene, the animal is quarantined for a period of time. Authorities may then investigate other possible attacks and decide the fate of the dog. The owner of the animal could also be charged with a violation.

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