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Connecticut accidents and injuries spike this New Year's Eve

According to the Connecticut State Police, the number of arrests related to drinking and driving more than doubled during this year's New Year's celebration as compared to last year's. Sobriety checkpoints and targeted enforcement were implemented by State Police Troopers beginning at midnight and continuing until New Year's Day. Driving under the influence arrests totaled 38 this year, and 158 accidents were reported. Last year's numbers were 18 DUI-related arrests with 84 reported accidents.

Connecticut paramedic killed in alleged drunk driving accident

Thousands of senseless injuries and deaths are caused each year by drunk drivers. Across the country, paramedics and police race to the scenes of these accidents to offer assistance to the victims and arrest the perpetrators. For those professionals who recently responded to one such accident in Connecticut recently, arriving on the scene to discover that one of their fellow paramedics had been a drunk driving accident victim must have been especially poignant.  

Driver pleads not guilty to charges from drunk driving accident

When someone is killed by a drunk driver, friends and loved ones naturally want justice to be served quickly. But with lengthy investigations, crowded court dockets, and the defendant’s due process protections, it can take longer to find closure than victims and their families may expect.

4 years after fatal crash, Connecticut drunk driver sentenced

A car accident can happen in the blink of an eye; and when a drunk driver is behind the wheel those moments can be catastrophic. A drunk driver is unpredictable and reckless, which means that the chances of them causing an accident are far too high. Their impaired decision-making skills combined with impaired vision and reflexes only makes them that much more dangerous on the road and they can cause irreparable damage.

19-year-old man charged with a DUI in Connecticut

Driving under the influence of alcohol endangers lives. Another reminder of this occurred recently when a 19-year-old crashed into the front steps of a Connecticut home after ignoring a stop sign at an intersection. Fortunately, the careless driver did not strike another vehicle nor hit any innocent pedestrians. 

Report details where DUI crashes are more likely in Connecticut

Even if you've thought about it, exactly when and where a drunk driving accident might happen may seem impossible to predict. However, reporters with NBC Connecticut looked into the state's DUI statistics and pinpointed some hot spots for DUI-related accidents. In fact, Norwich had five hot spots where a total of nearly 60 DUI crashes occurred over a three-year span. New London reportedly had three areas where the chance of a drunk driving accident was significantly greater.

Town of East Haven found liable for injured man's medical bills

Sometimes people who have been injured by a drunk driver are baffled to see that same driver avoid what would seem like due punishment in criminal court. Connecticut residents should remember, though, that seeking justice in civil court is also an option after an injurious auto accident.

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