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What are some of the causes of truck accidents?

Driving a truck in Connecticut poses extra risk compared to driving a smaller vehicle. Large trucks are bigger and heavier, making it more difficult to stop quickly and causing more damage to others on the road. Understanding some of the causes of accidents involving accidents can help everyone drive more defensively and safer.

Why is a trucking log important?

The trucking industry in Connecticut and throughout the country is very important to the economy. Because of this, some truckers are expected to drive long hours. This, combined with the fact trucks take a longer time to stop and are large, heavy vehicles, can pose a hazard to other drivers on the roads. To help manage the hours truckers drive and keep things safe, federal requirements state truckers need to keep a log book to track their hours.

How can you prevent accidents with large trucks?

As summer approaches, there will be more drivers out on the road in Connecticut. Automobile drivers will be sharing the road with a variety of large trucks, and this can lead to more accidents on the road. Crashes involving trucks are typically more devastating because of their size, and car occupants often suffer serious injuries and even death. To help prevent these collisions, there are things both truck and car drivers can do to stay safe.

High wind and its hazard to truckers

Truck drivers in Connecticut have a lot of responsibility on the road because accidents involving the large vehicles can result in more catastrophic outcomes. High wind gusts can happen in certain weather conditions, and drivers need to practice extra caution in order to prevent unnecessary accidents.

Can I lose my Connecticut CDL if I am in a truck accident?

As a Connecticut driver with a commercial driver's license or CDL, you already know that you are held to a different standard from other drivers. You must take greater precautions with safety, maintain a cleaner driving record, and know the hazards of your commercial vehicle inside and out. But are standards so strict that a single truck accident could revoke your license? What happens if you are in a collision?

Dash cam footage of a truck accident

Each day, reckless drivers are responsible for causing truck accidents that tear lives apart. Sometimes, people who did not witness the accident may have difficulty understanding certain aspects of a victim’s story, which is why video evidence can be so helpful. If you are concerned about this issue, you may want to consider installing a dash cam on your vehicle. Moreover, if you were recently involved in a large truck wreck and captured the accident on camera, you should review the video and how it could affect your situation.

Recovering from a large truck rollover crash

Accidents happen in a myriad of ways, some involve head-on collisions and others only involve one vehicle. However, crashes involving a large truck can be especially severe. Moreover, when someone is struck by a large truck which overturned, their injuries may be very serious. Worse, these accidents often prove deadly. If you were hit by a large truck that flipped over, or your loved one was involved in a crash which involved a semi truck rollover, our firm knows how difficult and upsetting this situation can be. However, you should defend your interests during this difficult time.

Does age play a role in large truck accidents?

From fatigue to the consumption of alcohol prior to driving, truck accidents occur for countless reasons. These crashes, which are much too prevalent in Connecticut and all across the U.S., often destroy the lives of victims, leaving them with physical, financial and even emotional scars that will never heal. As a result, it is important for truck companies and truckers to realize the different reasons why these crashes happen and focus on prevention.

How many truck crashes are caused by drugs and alcohol?

On this blog, many of the factors that lead to large truck accidents have been discussed, from fatigue and speeding to poor road conditions and blind spots, among other causes. However, intoxication due to alcohol or drug use is especially concerning and may lead to a fatal accident in New London that never should have happened. For trucking companies, truck drivers and all others on Connecticut roads, it is helpful to know how common these types of accidents are.

Fatigue, fatalities and other truck crash statistics

On a daily basis, far too many Americans are involved in large truck collisions. Tragically, these accidents claim lives, but they also cause permanent injuries and result in many other hardships for victims and their loved ones. In New London, Connecticut, and on roads all over the country, people should realize how prevalent these incidents are and immediately review their options if they are ever involved in a crash.

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