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What Does A Post-Judgment Modification Mean?

Post-judgment modifications are adjustments made to the details of a divorce after its finalization in court. Often these adjustments are a result of changes in a person’s circumstances that affect their ability to fulfill the terms and obligations of their divorce.

If a turn of events is affecting your ability to pay child and spousal support, or you need a different custody arrangement, talk to Beebe and O’Neil about how we can help you achieve these modifications today. Our attorneys will advocate and negotiate on your behalf for more manageable terms. Conversely, we can also work with the court to determine if you are not receiving an adequate amount of support for yourself or your child.

Which Circumstances Allow For A Modification?

Although it may feel like it, you are not locked into the conditions of your divorce settlement. The court recognizes extenuating circumstances, and the need for accommodations when appropriate.

Modifications can be sought for the following reasons and others:

  • An income increase or decrease
  • The loss of a job
  • A serious illness
  • A move or relocation
  • Changes in the needs of your child or children

We know that life’s challenges can occur at any time. With that in mind, our attorneys work tirelessly to arrive at the most favorable outcomes for clients and their current situations.

How Can An Attorney Represent My Interests?

Obtaining a modification can be complicated by a variety of factors, including but not limited to whether the court deems it a necessity or your ex-spouse agrees with the changes you desire. With the trusted counsel of one of our family law attorneys, you can work around each of these potential obstacles to prove the need for adjustments to your divorce terms.

Do not turn away an offer to advance your career because you feel that you cannot relocate or continue to struggle through payments you are unable to afford. Instead, schedule a free consultation to see how a lawyer can help you change this. Call 860-222-2021 or reach out to us via our contact form to make an appointment at our Norwich office today.