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Child Custody And Child Support

When facing a divorce, your children are likely one of your top concerns. You are used to seeing them every day and cooperatively splitting the costs of raising your children without any contractual obligations.

Serving Your Child’s Best Interests

However, throughout and after a divorce, you will spend less time with your child and need to navigate the costs of child support. Putting a value on the time and money spent with your child can seem impossible, but with the help of an experienced attorney, you can obtain the best outcome possible for yourself and your children.

At Beebe and O’Neil, we understand the importance of family. Our Norwich child custody lawyers are dedicated to offering compassionate and thorough legal support and advocacy to our clients throughout the family law process. The courts will ultimately rule in favor of your child’s best interest, and we are experienced in anticipating what this means for you and your children.

Child Custody And Child Support In Connecticut

Child support is typically determined by a set of guidelines set forth by Connecticut courts. However, if you and your spouse are willing to compromise, you can deviate from these guidelines and form an agreement that tailors specifically to you, your former spouse and your children.

Child custody can be determined for those going through a divorce and also for individuals who are not married. An access/visitation schedule must be determined in both instances, which includes legal and physical custody. Legal custody refers to decisions regarding education, religion, child care and more. Physical custody pertains to the parent with whom the child lives and visits.

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