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Criminal Defense

Any criminal charge is a serious issue that is not to be taken lightly. From jail or prison time to high fines, a conviction could lead to problems that you will have to face every day. Even a DUI (driving under the influence) charge or another traffic violation can have a serious impact on your life. You do not have to face these challenges alone.

At the Norwich office of Beebe and O’Neil, attorney Donald R. Beebe has over 40 years of criminal defense experience. This experience with the criminal justice system in Connecticut allows us to prepare a defense that is in your best interests. Please contact us or call 860-222-2021 to schedule a free consultation.

Much Is At Risk When You Are Charged With A Crime

Being charged with a DUI can lead to serious penalties, including jail time. You may lose your license, and you will likely be facing increased insurance costs. In addition, a conviction may have consequences that could lead to the loss of your job or professional license. An experienced attorney can help you protect your rights.

We represent clients in a wide range of criminal matters. Each situation is different, and you need a criminal defense lawyer who understands the facts of your case. Our goal is to lessen the impact of the charges by preparing a defense that is focused on your needs.

We will negotiate on your behalf with the prosecutors. If that is unsuccessful, we are experienced litigators who are not afraid to try your case in court. Some of the misdemeanors and felonies we assist clients with include:

Free Consultation With An Experienced Attorney

If you have been charged with a crime in Connecticut, call us at 860-222-2021 or contact our office by email as soon as possible. You need to protect your rights. You should not talk to the police without your attorney present. You need to know what options you have. We will take the time to learn what is most important to you, and we will prepare a defense that takes those needs into consideration.