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How does domestic violence affect child custody?

When trying to get child custody during a divorce in Connecticut, parents need to take into consideration that the court looks at numerous factors when deciding which parent gets sole custody or if joint custody is best. Many of the factors have to do with what is best for the child, and if one of the parents is under accusation for domestic violence, this is a serious offense that will more than likely affect the parent's ability to gain custody.

Do a financial checkup after divorce

Sometimes a Connecticut divorce is so amicable that the two people make a conscious decision not to change their plans for their final affairs. This may occur when the relationship becomes more platonic than romantic. Other times, couples choose to divorce in the earlier stages of trouble, before it spirals out of control and resentment builds up. These couples are a minority.

The financial aspect of separation and divorce

When couples in Connecticut get a divorce, they may spend some time wondering who gets the house, the kids and the pets. They may also discuss whether or not alimony payments should be a part of the deal. However, as the separation and divorce process continues, they may soon realize there are many other financial considerations to keep in mind.

Can social media have an impact on my marriage?

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are meant to bring people closer together. When it comes to infidelity, social media has a way of driving married couples further apart, and may even result in divorce. In fact, some divorce attorneys claim that social media is a factor for many of the people who walk through their door. 

Divorce and pressures facing young married couples

For any married couple, a number of challenges may arise throughout the course of the marriage. Spousal affairs can be problematic for couples from all age groups, and the same is true for domestic violence, disagreement over finances and many other issues. For some couples, however, there may be an additional amount of pressure in the relationship. For example, young married couples may face a number of hurdles that are especially likely to occur. In this post, we will examine some of the pressures that these couples may experience.

Finding the courage to initiate divorce

For some, the decision to divorce is easy and there are no doubts when it comes to moving forward with a petition. For others, there may be a lot of uncertainty regarding divorce, and some people may be hesitant to approach the divorce process. There are multiple reasons why some people may be hesitant to file for divorce, whether they are afraid of how their spouse will react or what their friends and family members will say. Moreover, some may be too stressed out to approach the divorce process or they may think they do not have enough time to undertake a divorce at this time.

Preparing for the cost of divorce

There are all sorts of things to consider when it comes to your divorce, whether you have kids and are concerned about child support or a custody ruling, or you are unsure of how your marital property will be split up. Divorce can be very costly and may lead to various financial issues before, during and even after you and your spouse go through the divorce process. Aside from alimony, child support and other financial issues resulting from your divorce, you may have difficulty paying legal fees. As a result, preparation is essential.

Back child support and business travel

Divorce can change a parent’s life in all sorts of ways, from reducing the amount of time they are able to spend with their children to introducing stressors such as alimony and child support payments. Legal issues which involve kids can be very tough for parents to work through and sometimes they can interfere with other facets of a person’s life. For example, someone who is unable to stay current on their child support, regardless of the reason, may face other challenges in life, such as losing their passport privileges. If you have a business trip coming up and owe back child support, it is important to explore this issue.

Mistakes to avoid during a custody dispute

Child custody cases are often very emotional and result in strong emotions for all parties. During a dispute over custody, it is imperative for you to focus on what is best for your child, and what you can do to ensure that your rights as a parent are secured. Every family is in a unique position, so you should go over the various details of your case on an individualized basis. Moreover, there are a number of mistakes that you will want to avoid as you work through your child custody dispute, several of which will be covered in this blog post. After all, there is a lot at stake during these disputes and it is crucial for you to have a good understanding of which steps you need to take (and errors that should be avoided) as you work through the process.

Talking to family members about your custody case

Child custody can be an extremely unnerving experience for many parents, especially for those who are not able to secure an end result that is in their favor. Sometimes, people turn to their loved ones to look for support and a better understanding of what to do next. In some instances, family members are very helpful and offer positive feedback while understanding the unique problems a parent may be facing. Other times, a family may be completely unwilling to offer emotional support to a family member who was unsuccessful with respect to a custody dispute.

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