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Riding a motorcycle while drunk

Often, when people hear of drunk driving, they think of someone operating a vehicle such as a car or truck. However, there are other types of vehicles that people operate while they are under the influence of alcohol and drugs, such as a scooter or a motorcycle. When motorcyclists are drunk, their safety is particularly threatened and they not only put their own life on the line but pose serious risks to others who are on the road. Sadly, motorcyclists in Connecticut and across the U.S. continue to ride while they are inebriated.

Looking into accidental drunk driving

There are many different issues to take into consideration when it comes to drunk driving. For example, there are certain times of year, such as holidays, when drunk driving may be more prevalent. In fact, even certain times of day and days of the week can bring an increase in the number of drunk drivers on the road. Additionally, it is important to review underage drunk driving and the effectiveness of awareness programs. In fact, some people may drive drunk on accident and we will take a closer look at this issue in this post.

How many drunk motorcyclists pass away in single-vehicle wrecks?

Motorcycle accidents have a variety of causes, whether someone is struck by a distracted or drowsy driver while they are riding their motorcycle or someone is hit by a truck driver who lost control because of poor road conditions. Unfortunately, some motorcycle crashes are caused by motorcyclists’ poor decisions, placing their lives at risk and the lives of other people on the road also. For example, some people choose to operate their motorcycle after consuming alcohol, a problem that may have been more widespread over the recent Memorial Day weekend.

Does Connecticut have a dram shop law?

Drunk drivers may be the last thing that you think about encountering on New London's streets. Yet given that fact that local establishments do sell alcohol, the threat of encountering such a driver on the road is very real. This may prompt you to question exactly what role the law assigns to those who furnish alcohol to drivers who later cause accidents, and whether such providers can be held legally liable for these results. 

Labor Day and DUI wrecks

There are many different reasons why drunk driving crashes happen, some of which have been addressed on this blog. For example, a teenager may drive drunk because they are unaware of zero tolerance laws or are pressured by some of their peers to engage in risky behavior. However, there are certain times of year, such as Labor Day weekend, when drunk driving may be even more prevalent in New London and cities all over Connecticut. If you plan to celebrate this holiday, or will be driving during Labor Day weekend, it is vital to be aware of the risks of drunk driving.

Teens and drunk driving

Each day, people take to the road after consuming too much alcohol. In New London, Connecticut, and other parts of the country, some of these people are not legally allowed to any consume alcohol in the first place, due to their age. When teens operate a vehicle while intoxicated due to drinking, they face an assortment of risks, from traffic accidents to legal penalties and the loss of their driving privileges. Moreover, if they cause an accident, their decision to drive drunk may upend the lives of an entire family.

Connecticut woman facing drunk driving charges

Every day, those who choose to drive while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs put lives at risk. Regrettably, some of these people cause a traffic accident that leads to lifelong injuries, while others are involved in fatal drunk driving accidents. In New London, and cities around Connecticut, drunk drivers continue to make poor decisions, even when they are well aware of the potential consequences associated with driving under the influence.

An overview of drunk driving accident injuries

When it comes to drunk driving accidents, finding information on the precise number of injuries that take place each year is difficult. However, a considerable number of people suffer various injuries related to drunk driving crashes in New London, Connecticut, and all over the U.S. From missed work to a lifelong injury, DUI injuries can have serious repercussions.

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