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Have you been bitten by a dog in Connecticut?

As a resident in Connecticut, you likely run into dogs several times a day, even if you aren't a pet-owner yourself. Whether it's a neighbor's dog, a family dog, or just the dog of a stranger passing by on the street, there are plenty of canines and canine lovers in the state. That also means there are plenty of chances for a dog attack, unfortunately.

Does Connecticut dog bite law only apply to dogs?

Connecticut is fairly well known for dog bite laws that place strict expectations on dog owners to control their animals or face severe penalties. But what if you are attacked by an animal other than a dog? Is the animal's owner equally liable if you are assaulted by a cat? Attacked by a rabbit? Accosted by a vocal and particularly vicious parrot? What happens as far as liability if you are attacked by a pet or livestock other than a dog? When it comes to the animals themselves, Connecticut's protocol for quarantine and euthanasia treats other animals exactly the same as it treats dogs. The animal is seized by animal control and placed in quarantine, and animals determined to be potentially rabid are often put down. You are also exonerated if you kill the animal in self-defense and can prove it bit you before its death, resulting in defensive retaliation. If the animal is quarantined or disposed of, however, the owner is held liable for all associated costs the same as with dogs.

Liability in dog bite cases

Dog owners in Connecticut should keep a close eye on their dogs, as the state has strict liability laws regarding injuries caused by these animals. Unlike some states, it does not matter whether the owner knows the dog is vicious or not, if they attack and harm another being the owner is responsible for any of the subsequent damage. 

Recovering from an animal bite

If you are struggling because of a recent animal bite, your life may be hard for different reasons. For example, you may be dealing with physical pain or a deep wound that the attack brought on. At Beebe & O'Neil, we also know that animal bite victims may face other difficulties, such as emotional trauma and even financial problems. As a result, those who are responsible for an attack in New London that never should have happened must answer for their negligence.

Dangerous dog breeds and how to prevent attack

Dogs in Connecticut are responsible for a variety of bites and other serious, sometimes fatal, injuries. While any dog can become aggressive if feeling in danger, there are certain breeds that are responsible for the majority of attacks. Being aware of these breeds, and knowing what to do if danger lurks, can help prevent many unfortunate events from occurring.

What are the penalties for dog bites in Connecticut?

If you have been attacked by a dog, you may be suffering from all sorts of complications, from physical pain and a serious injury to financial troubles brought on by medical costs or lost wages. While experiencing these hardships, you should do everything you can to recover and have those responsible for your suffering held accountable. In New London, and all other parts of Connecticut, dog owners who fail to properly take care of the animals they own can face harsh penalties.

When landlords fail to address dangerous animals

Every year, dogs and other animals cause injuries to unsuspecting victims, which may permanently change their lives for the worse. Since these attacks can make life so challenging, it is crucial for people to do what they can to prevent animal bites in New London, Connecticut, and all over the country. In some cases, landlords may be held responsible if an animal bite took place after they failed to take action.

Understanding the prevalence of dog bites

According to the Connecticut General Assembly, state law mandates that the keeper or owner of a dog is liable if the dog injures someone. In New London, and across the state, dog bite victims are not required to prove that the keeper or owner of the dog which attacked them were negligent or aware that their dog was violent. Regrettably, some people are not familiar with their rights or fail to hold a dog's owner accountable for an injury they suffered. Dog attacks occur in various environments and it is important for people to understand how prevalent this problem truly is.

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