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Your odds of a divorce can be inherited

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2022 | Family Law And Divorce

Every couple has a lot of unique factors that influence their divorce odds. How well do they get along? How old were they when they got married? How much money do they make? Do they have children?

But, while it is true that all of these things play a role, it’s also important to realize that some things may be largely out of a person’s control. In fact, it has been shown that children whose parents got divorced are more likely to divorce themselves. This suggests that divorce odds could be inherited to some degree from the previous generation.

But why does this happen?

What is less clear is exactly why this happens, and even that may be unique from case to case. But part of the idea is simply that children learn about their own relationships from watching the relationships of their parents. A child whose parents never got divorced may not consider it themselves, while a child whose parents did split up may be much quicker to choose that option in their own relationship

Furthermore, there used to be more of a negative stigma around divorce than there is today. Someone whose parents believed that divorce was taboo, even when they were trapped in an unhappy marriage, may wind up believing the same thing about their own relationship. They’re just following in that tradition, so it’s much more difficult for them to come around to the idea that they may need to end the marriage.  On the other side, it’s much easier for the person who saw their own parents get divorced to realize that this may be a beneficial step for them.

Are you getting divorced?

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