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Is it more dangerous to drive in the morning?

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2022 | Car Accidents

When behind the wheel, a Connecticut driver’s primary responsibility is to safely operate the vehicle. This means putting away distractions, focusing on the task at hand and avoiding driving when unable to do so safely. One factor that may affect a driver’s ability to drive safely is the time of day. There is evidence to suggest that driving in the early morning hours could bring a higher chance of an accident than driving at other times of the day.

Driving at dawn could be risky due to several factors, including low visibility and drowsiness. There are certain steps one could take that will decrease his or her chance of a crash and make it safer for everyone on the road. If you are the victim of a motor vehicle accident that took place in the early morning hours, you could have grounds to pursue recovery through a civil claim.

Risks of driving in the early morning

Early morning driving is more dangerous than many assume. One of the primary factors that could play a role in accidents that take place in the early morning is visibility. Even though the sun is rising, it is often difficult to see in low light and during a time when the sun is casting shadows. Some ways that drivers could reduce the chance of an accident at this time of day include:

  • Don’t wear sunglasses in low light as this could decrease visibility.
  • Clean and polish headlights so that other drivers can see the vehicle clearly.
  • Stay vigilant and monitor traffic.
  • Avoid driving when excessively tired and sleepy.
  • Keep headlights on when it is dark.
  • Allow for more distance between vehicles.
  • Maintain safe speeds, and decrease distractions.

While it is critical to be safe and cautious at any time of day, it may be especially important to practice these things during the dawn hours. Just one moment of distraction or reckless behavior can have devastating consequences.

Your rights after an accident

A car accident can lead to serious consequences that may affect the course of your life. It is important for a victim to understand the legal options available to him or her, which may include a civil claim against the liable party. If you are unsure of what factors played a role in your accident or what you can do to pick up the pieces and move forward, you may benefit from first seeking an assessment of your case.


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