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How to reduce distracted driving with pets

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2022 | Car Accidents

You may enjoy taking your pet on long road trips. Perhaps you have to take your pet to a vet. You may have to drive your pet to the vet regularly. At any point during your drive, your pet could be distracting, making you look away from the road and causing you to be in a vehicle accident.

So how do you prevent your pet from causing a distracted driving accident? Here’s what you should know:

Keep your pet out of your lap

Your pet may find safety and security in your lap. This can lead people to put their pets in their laps to try and calm their pets during long drives. Pets, however, may still get agitated or excited in the car, causing an interruption: moving the wheel, pressing a pedal or jumping in your face.

Use seat belts and harness 

Just like you and any passengers, your pet could be strapped into a seat. Not only could this reduce the chances of your pet causing an interruption, but also may prevent serious injuries if you were in a car accident. Some pet owners may use a harness that can be used to keep a seatbelt attached to their pets.

Invest in crates and nets

Alternatively, for extremely nervous or larger pets, people may consider transporting them in crates. Some crates may be equipped with harnesses or padding to reduce injury if there’s a sharp turn or sudden brake. Pet owners who don’t use crates could attach a pet safety net behind the driver or passenger seat intended to prevent a pet from jumping into the driver’s seat. 

Not everyone takes the right precautions to protect their pet and other drivers. If you’re in a vehicle accident because another driver was distracted by their pet, then you may need to seek legal help to recover your losses.


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