When can a child custody order be modified in Connecticut?

On Behalf of | May 22, 2022 | Family Law And Divorce

When the child’s parents divorce or separate, one of the matters the family court will look into is child support. Once the court issue a child support order, both parties are legally required to abide by its terms.

However, if situations change, the original order may become impractical. In this case, you simply cannot reduce or stop paying child support. Doing so might land you in trouble with the law. Fortunately, you can seek a post-judgment modification

Here are instances when you can petition the court to modify an existing custody order. 

You have assumed custody of the child

Maybe the original support order was issued when the child was living with their other parent. However, when the child changes residence, you will probably have to take over some or all of the expenses that were handled by the other parent. In this case, you may justify your petition for a child support modification based on the child’s changing economic needs.

You have had a substantial decrease in income

The original support decree was primarily informed by your income. If you have lost your job or have experienced some other significant decrease in your income, then you may petition the court to review and lower your child support amount. While the court won’t reward you if your loss of income was deliberate, it will adjust support obligations around involuntary reductions in income.

A child custody order is never cast in stone. If your circumstances have changed, and you are no longer able to keep up with the payments, it is in your best interest that you petition the family court for custody modification



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