Making the most of your visitation time

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2022 | Family Law And Divorce

As a non-custodial parent, visitation may be your only chance to bond and spend time with your children. Therefore, it is important to make the most out of the limited period you have to foster positive relationships and cement your place in your children’s lives.

To do that, you need to play a more prominent role and be involved in the children’s lives, given that you spend less time with them than your co-parent. Here is what you can do.

Plan ahead

When it is your turn with the children, it is necessary to plan ahead. If possible, take some time off of work and dedicate your time to the children. That way, they will feel your presence for the short time you are together.

Do not forego your parental responsibilities

Do not give your children a free pass to do as they please. As a parent, it is your role to discipline them and show them what is right. You might be tempted to constantly spoil your children given the limited time you get to spend together, but it is unsustainable and may not work out well. You may create unnecessary divisions with your co-parent since the children may start taking sides.

Make sure the children are comfortable in your space

Since the children are used to spending most of their time with the other parent, you need to make them feel at home whenever they are there. Ensure that the children have some freedom, just like they would at their primary residence.

In addition, create a positive atmosphere where the children can open up and share their personal experiences. You may pick out important information about your children if they can freely talk to you.

Be observant

Finally, take note of the small details. If you notice something is off during visitation, do not hesitate to follow up and get to the bottom of it, even if it means restructuring the existing parenting plan. Your children’s well-being should always come first, and you need to ensure that as their parent.


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