Common mistakes police make at DUI stops

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Were you arrested for a DUI in the state of Connecticut? You may have evidence that you can use to challenge the case. There are many common errors that police officers can make during a DUI stop. If you believe you have been the victim of such an error, you can bring your evidence to court.

Was your DUI stop subject to error?

Did you note any serious errors or inaccuracies in your DUI stop? You may have had the feeling that the test was being given to you by someone who didn’t know what they were doing. You may also have noted irregularities in the way that the test itself was administered.

There may have been serious errors in the way that the test was handled after it was given to you. The chain of command may have been broken while preparing or handling the results of your test. This could have led to a false positive that you can challenge.

After your arrest, you may wish to examine the official police report. You can have a legal professional go over it to find out if any errors or gaps exist. It may even be the case that the officers involved failed to file the proper paperwork.

Can ketosis cause inaccuracies on a breath test?

You may have heard rumors about DUI tests going wrong because the results were skewed due to a very interesting cause. It seems that embarking on a keto diet or having diabetes can cause inaccuracy in a breath test. This is because the process of ketosis leads to having more ketones in your body. One side effect is a situation where your breath smells a great deal like alcohol. The cause of this is ketones showing up on the test as ethyl alcohol.

If this happens, you can challenge the results. You don’t have to simply accept a DUI conviction; you might be able to challenge the police officer’s evidence and get the case dismissed.


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