Older pedestrians face greater risks

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2022 | Personal Injury

All pedestrians who have to walk around traffic face a certain amount of risk. Even when just crossing the road, all it takes is one driver making a mistake for that pedestrian to find themselves with severe injuries. Many pedestrian accidents are even fatal. It happens quickly and there is often little that the pedestrian can do to avoid the accident.

For those who are at a later stage in life, however, the risk is even greater than for young people who get struck by cars. For instance, one study found that the average risk of death or serious injury for someone who is 70 years old and who is struck by a vehicle that is moving at 25 miles an hour is nearly the same as the level of risk faced by someone who is 30 years old and who gets hit by a car that is moving at 35 mph.

In other words, there is a clear correlation between speed and the odds of severe injury or death. These odds climb dramatically as speed increases. But it takes far less speed to put older pedestrians into the same high-risk category.

Why is this?

The biggest reason for this difference is simply that older individuals tend to be frailer. They may also have other health issues that would compound the severity of the injuries suffered in the crash. Someone who is 30 years old may be able to make a full recovery, while someone who is 70 years old will pass away from the same injuries.

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