How do you defend against a public indecency charge?

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“Public indecency” is considered a crime in Connecticut, and the law defines what that means rather broadly.

Public indecency occurs when someone, while in a public place, either exposes their body with the intention to either arouse someone or satisfy a sexual desire (including their own), performs a sex act or touches another person in a lewd manner.

In general, a public indecency charge can wreak havoc on your life, professionally, personally and legally. Before you decide what steps to take next, it’s best to understand your potential defenses.

4 possible defenses to a public indecency charge

Your defense depends a lot on the specifics of your situation, but here are some that may be available:

  • There was no sexual intention behind your actions: For example, you may have simply been trying to adjust your body parts because your clothing pinched, not fondling yourself in public.
  • There’s been a mistake of fact: Basically, this is an argument that what the witnesses think they saw, they didn’t actually see. For example, maybe you were wearing flesh-toned tights, and someone thought you were naked.
  • It’s a case of mistaken identity: Mistaken identifications are common, especially if the other party didn’t know you or the area was dark.
  • You had no intention to display your body parts in public: Accidents happen. A broken snap on a pair of oversized pants can leave you embarrassed, but it shouldn’t leave you with a criminal record.

If you’ve been charged with public indecency, be aware that a conviction or a guilty plea can follow you forever. Learn more about your legal options right away.





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