Should you trust your child with a dog?

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Some dogs look so dangerous you would never let your child get close to them. Yet many appear calm and loveable. Does that mean you can trust them?

Any dog can bite anyone. That does not mean you should never let your child near any dog ever again, but it does mean you need to take care.

A dog’s thought process is less complex than ours

Dogs rely on instinct more than logic, so in the right circumstances, even the sweetest little fluff ball could snap at your child. Yet several circumstances make it more likely. If you are aware of them, you may prevent a bite before it happens.

  • The dog is stressed: Have you ever had a bad day where you metaphorically snap at someone for saying or doing the wrong thing? It happens to dogs too. Except their snaps involve teeth.
  • The dog is injured: Dogs do not have a way of saying, “Please don’t touch me there. I’ve just had an operation” to a child that wants to stroke them.
  • The dog is protective: Most creatures can get protective when they fear someone is a threat to their little ones. Yet dogs can get protective over things other than their pups. They can feel protective toward their families, their property or even to another person or animal they sense needs their care.

How the dog is raised can also have a massive effect on its propensity to bite. If you ever look to adopt a dog, rescue homes will often mark certain ones out as unsuitable for families due to a history of mistreatment by previous owners.

If a dog is doing what comes naturally, does that mean it is tough luck if one bites your child?

Dogs might not be responsible for their actions, but their owners may be. Understanding how to hold a dog owner accountable if their dog bites your child will be crucial to cover the extensive medical bills that dog bites can cause.



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