Is it true that drunk drivers are injured less often than sober ones? 

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2022 | Drunk Driving Accidents

You will sometimes see stories about drunk drivers who get involved in accidents and cause severe injuries to others. However, those drivers themselves are fine.

People will often lament about how unfair this feels, and it’s understandable. The person who was drinking caused the accident, but they didn’t suffer the same ramifications. This leads to the idea that drunk drivers are injured less often, but is that true?

First responders have seen a trend

Of course, drunk drivers are injured and killed in accidents all the time, and it is never safe to drive while intoxicated. However, first responders have noticed that it is more common for drunk drivers to avoid severe injuries. 

The reason is that a drunk driver is unable to respond quickly when they know that they’re about to get in an accident. They don’t brace for the crash or try to hold on tightly in any way. This actually helps them, because bracing and being stiff often leads to torn ligaments, broken bones, and things of this nature. A drunk driver is probably physically relaxed and may bounce around within the car, but may not suffer these severe injuries.

Some safety experts have even said that sober individuals who see that they are about to be involved in a crash would be wise to be as loose as possible and not try to brace, lowering the odds of injury.

Naturally, if you have been injured by a drunk driver, they’re still at fault for that crash and you need to know exactly how you can seek compensation. This may not make it feel fairer, but it can help you cover medical bills, lost wages and similar damages.


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