How to drive safely in the snow

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Connecticut residents are no stranger to snow and bad weather. While some people may have grown up driving in snow, it can take a few winters to learn how to drive safely.

Tips for driving in the snow

The best tip for driving in the snow involves how you’re handling the controls. Overall, you want all of your movements to be smooth, from how much pressure you’re putting on the brakes to how you’re turning the wheel and even how much pressure you’re putting on the accelerator.

Jerky controls – like quickly braking or turning your steering wheel – can cause your tires to lose the precious traction that your wheels have with the road. This can cause your car to slide out. Overall, you want your movements to be slow and deliberate. You want to look far ahead and pay attention to your surroundings so that you can give yourself time to react.

What to do if the car starts to slide out

Every once in a while, your car will hit an icy part and start to skid or slide. It’s very important to keep your vision on where you want to go: straight ahead or out of the way of cars.

After that, your reactions will end up pointing you in the right way. The most important part is to not hit the brakes and instead use your steering wheel to get you back on track.

If your rear end is sliding out, you want to quickly turn the steering wheel in the same direction as the rear tires are sliding. Whether it’s your front of your car or the back sliding out, you’ll want to ease off the accelerator and avoid hitting the brakes.

What else should you know?

Read your car’s manual and take it in for safety inspections before the winter season. It’s important to make sure all systems – like your car’s warning lights and your anti-lock brake system – are working properly.

Above all else, stay calm and slow down in icy road conditions. Playing it safe is better than being sorry later.


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