Can a dashcam help if you get in an accident?

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2022 | Car Accidents

One of the problems with car accidents is that there may be no witnesses, and both people may give a different account of what occurred. It can be difficult for the police to sort this out afterward, and crash reconstruction teams spend a lot of time trying to determine exactly what happened.

For instance, you may drive into an intersection and get hit by another car coming through that intersection. You may think that you had the green light and that the other driver must have run the red light, but that driver might claim that it was you who had the red. If no one else was around to see the crash, how do you determine who is telling the truth?

All accounts of an accident may be helpful

In a situation like this, it certainly may help to have a dashcam, as it provides an account of the crash that is indisputable. You can examine this after the fact to decide who had the red light, who broke the law, and who was responsible for that accident. This can settle disputes when two people are confused about what occurred or when one person is actively lying because they know they were negligent and they’re trying not to face the ramifications of that negligence.

But it’s not just dashcams that are beneficial. If you get in an accident, it can be helpful to look for witnesses and get their accounts. Even if there aren’t other drivers or pedestrians who are present at the time, houses or businesses in the area may have cameras set up that recorded the crash. The more information you can gather, the better.

That said, if the other driver is disputing your account of the crash, this whole situation may get complicated. Be sure that you know what legal steps to take as you try to determine liability and seek proper financial compensation.


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