Why can dogs and cars be a dangerous combination?

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2021 | Car Accidents

If your dog is an integral part of your life, it is natural you want to take it with you in the car. Yet, if you do not do it safely, it might be the last journey either of you take.

Connecticut law requires any dog in an open truck bed to be in a cage or other container. The idea is to protect the dog from being thrown out if you need to brake suddenly or are in a crash. Yet, what if your dog is loose inside your car and you come to a sudden stop?

Anything not tied down could hit people inside the vehicle

It applies from coffee mugs to dogs. The difference is, dogs are bigger and heavier than most items you transport. Therefore they can do more harm.  

Dogs can distract you

Think carefully about where you put your pet. Some dogs can sit quietly for hours at a time, while others are not happy until they have your undivided attention. On your lap is a terrible idea, as it is hard to ignore them, and they can interfere with your ability to push the brake pedal. Out of sight may mean out of mind.

There are various restraints available to keep your dog in place. Using one reduces the chance that the dog can distract you and help keep it safe if you are in a crash.

Even if you do not have a dog, it is worth knowing these things. If a vehicle containing a dog crashes into you, it may be that the driver was distracted by their pooch. Claiming compensation for crash injuries requires you to investigate all factors that could have contributed.








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