Can a seat belt injure you?

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2021 | Car Accidents

There is ample proof that wearing a seat belt could be the difference between dying in a crash and surviving. Yet injuries are still a possibility and some may result from the seat belt itself.

If you are in a crash, you need a medical check-up to understand the extent of your injuries. Seat belts could injure the following:

  • Ribs: Sufficient impact could break a rib over which the belt sits. Yet, if you wear the belt properly, it should spread the force of the impact rather than concentrating it in a small area.
  • Soft tissue: The belt could dig into your shoulder with such force that it damages the skin or tissue beneath.
  • Organs: If the belt breaks a rib or chest bone, the broken bone could damage your internal organs. The waist strap of the belt could also do direct organ damage.
  • Spinal injury: A belt could damage the spinal cord where it runs across your neck.

Seat belts have improved over time, so the risk of a seat belt injury is much less than when you were held in by a strap around your waist.

While your seat belt could result in some injuries consider what injuries it saves you. If you do not wear one, you could suffer all the same injuries due to hitting the dashboard or steering wheel. You could also face more serious harm which a seat belt could have prevented.

A seat belt cannot prevent all injuries

While it is your responsibility to wear your seat belt, the time you need to rely on it may have nothing to do with you. Finding out why another driver collided with you will be crucial to getting compensation for the injuries you suffer in a crash.


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