Crashes involving trucks on the rise in Connecticut

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According to an update of the Large Truck and Bus Crashes report by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there has been an increase in the total number of serious accidents involving large trucks. If you drive large trucks or often use roads alongside these vehicles, the statistics below might surprise you.

The fatal and injury crashes

In 2019 alone, there were a total of 510,000 large-truck crashes. To break down this number, there were a total of 114, 000 injury crashes and 4,479 fatal crashes. In 2018, there were 107,000 injury crashes and 4,461 fatal crashes involving large trucks. Between 2018 and 2019, the fatalities involving these vehicles totaled up to 10,011.
That’s not all. According to PolicyAdvice, between 2009 and 2021, truck accidents have increased by 52%.

What causes accidents involving large trucks?

There are many factors that lead to this type of motor vehicle accident. One of the most common ones is driver fatigue.

Granted, driving a large truck is a stressful and demanding job. Trucking companies often require drivers to transport goods to various destinations within the shortest time possible. To succeed in the job, therefore, many truck drivers often opt to drive long distances with little rest. That makes them highly likely to lose concentration and sleep while driving, leading to accidents.

Secondly, many truck drivers experience distracted driving. That’s very possible considering how long these drivers often have to drive. The boredom tends to make some of them try to distract themselves with their phones, food, music, or something similar, leading to a loss of concentration.

Thirdly, speeding is another common cause of these accidents. Many truck drivers find themselves speeding to meet tight deadlines or simply reach their destinations sooner to reduce the boredom they usually experience on the road. Besides these trucks crashing into objects, other smaller vehicles tend to swerve off the road to avoid these large vehicles when they’re speeding behind them. As a result, some of them get into accidents.

Although truck accidents have been increasing over the last decade, it doesn’t mean that the numbers can’t go down. All it takes for this to happen is a little more responsibility from truck drivers, trucking companies, and other drivers who drive alongside large trucks.


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