What are the most common reasons for car accidents?

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Auto accidents are far too common on Connecticut highways. The roads are loaded with people in all types of vehicles and all in a rush to some degree even if it is only attempting to maintain the flow of traffic. They happen during commute times as well as late in the evening when drivers are often drowsy and fatigued, and especially in truck accidents. Congested traffic can often be a contributor, but the truth is that most accidents happen due to driver behavior on some level.

Reckless driving

One of the primary hazards of the highways is reckless driving by those exceeding the speed limit and cutting in and out of traffic on short notice, often using no light indicators in the process. Even failing to use a signal at an intersection can result in an accident producing significant personal injury or fatalities.

Distracted driving

Studies over the past two decades have highlighted the increase in distracted driving evidence in many accident cases, largely due to the use of cellphones while in transit. Even making communication devices “hands-free” as standard on-board equipment for some vehicles has not significantly stopped the problem. And of course, many people still attempt eating and drinking while driving, which can also be a major factor in an auto accident.

Impaired driving

All states have enhanced their DUI laws over the past two decades. However, intoxicated drivers are still at fault for many accidents resulting in serious personal injuries and fatalities when they happen on the open highway.

These are a few of the main reasons accidents occur at the rate they do on Connecticut highways. All motorists should practice defensive driving and obey all rules of the road while in traffic to avoid involvement in a collision.


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