Account for all liable parties in your truck accident claim

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Truck accidents in Connecticut are often serious and potentially fatal. If you survived a truck accident, you likely have some expensive property damage and medical bills to pay for. If you’re thinking about filing a personal injury lawsuit, it is important to include all of the liable parties.

The truck driver

If a truck accident was caused by driver error, the truck driver can usually be named as a defendant in a personal injury lawsuit. Common causes of truck collisions include distraction, intoxication and exhaustion. The truck driver may also have lacked proper training.

The trucking company

The trucking company that employed a negligent truck driver can also have liability for a truck accident. Even if the accident was the driver’s fault, the trucking company may be guilty of negligent hiring practices. Often, trucking companies put pressure on their drivers to continue driving for too many consecutive hours, which can lead to accidents.

The truck manufacturer or mechanic

Sometimes, truck accidents happen due to mechanical failures that are not the fault of the truck driver. If an accident involved a truck with a malfunctioning steering system, for example, the truck manufacturer may be the liable party. There are also cases where negligent mechanics cause accidents by failing to properly repair known issues.

The shipping company

Trucks can sometimes become dangerously off-balance if they are not loaded correctly. When an uneven load leads to a truck accident, the truck driver may only hold partial liability. The shipping company that was responsible for loading the truck may be named as a defendant in a personal injury lawsuit.

Every truck accident case is different

Every truck accident involves a unique combination of circumstances. There may be one, two or several defendants in your claim depending on what led up to the truck accident. It’s important to go over the details of your accident to make sure you are not leaving any liable parties out of your truck accident claim.


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