Failure to maintain brakes can lead to truck accidents

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When truck brakes are not properly maintained, the results can cause serious crashes. Because semi trucks are so large and heavy, trucking accidents can be especially devastating to drivers, passengers and other Connecticut road users, leading to severe injuries and permanent disabilities. Every year the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance organizes Brake Safety Week to advocate for safer brake maintenance procedures.

Brake Safety Week aims to reduce dangers

During Brake Safety Week, inspectors stop and check the brakes and safety systems of commercial vehicles, including large trucks. The inspection program is typically combined with educational efforts to draw attention to the risks of trucking accidents caused by brake failure. Trucks found by inspectors with improperly maintained brakes in violation of safety rules can be pulled off the roads. However, despite these efforts, braking problems continue to present a major danger. After all, braking system problems were the third most frequently cited causes of fatal motor vehicle accidents involving commercial trucks.

Poor brake maintenance can be deadly

Brake system violations comprise the greatest number of violations found during inspections conducted in inspection and enforcement initiatives. Over 38% of all vehicles removed from the road because they were not safe to drive had poorly maintained brakes or other defects. In 2020 alone, brake violations comprised eight of the top 20 violations, as measured by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

The dangers posed by poorly maintained truck brakes can be significant. Truckers may be unable to stop their vehicles or may be more likely to swerve or skid into other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. The weight and mass of a large truck means that the damage caused by poorly maintained brakes can be even more significant for accident victims. Just like speeding or distracted driving, poor truck brake maintenance can be another form of dangerous negligence.


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