What could a bicyclist do when attacked by a dog?

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Prey run, and natural predators might chase things that move. Such advice seems helpful to those living in areas known for mountain lions and other dangerous creatures. Similar advice may apply to Connecticut bicycle commuters who pass large and dangerous dogs. Then again, even an overreacting small dog could cause a bicyclist to fall. What were the dog’s owner’s responsibilities, and does the injured cyclist have any claim options?

Bicyclists chased down by dogs

A dog, even a friendly one, could give chase to a bicyclist. The dog might not want to bite the bicyclist, but jumping onto the bike could lead to a crash. A violent dog might knock the bike over and then bite someone. While dog owners have a responsibility to keep these incidents from happening, not everyone does their duty. So, bicyclists have to take steps to protect themselves.

Kicking the dog or otherwise returning the aggression could prove disastrous. The dog might attack even more aggressively in response. Spraying the canine with a water bottle, however, may have a desirable effect.

Dog attacks and their aftermath

Yelling at the dog to scare it, using the bike as a barrier, and, in some cases, playing dead could deter the animal. Stopping the bike may lead to the dog doing the same. Unfortunately, no one knows for sure how the dog will react.

Anyone injured by a dog should seek medical attention right away. Washing animal bites might not be enough to stop an infection. Also, falling off a bike may result in internal injuries.

Bite victims could take solace in some information. A homeowner insurance policy might cover dog bites under its liability provisions.

Speaking to a personal injury attorney may help someone seeking to recover losses from a dog bit. An attorney may file an insurance claim or pursue a lawsuit.


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