How drivers can avoid collisions with motorcycles

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Drivers may worry about motorcyclists on Connecticut roads, which is be a good thing. Responsible drivers don’t want their cars, trucks or SUVs to crash into motorcyclists. However, avoiding accidents isn’t always easy as some motorcyclists may drive between vehicles or commit moving violations. While a driver can’t control what others do, he or she can take steps to increase safety and decrease accidents.

Fundamental steps to cut down on accidents

Anyone violating traffic laws when operating a vehicle puts others at risk. Speeding, driving on the shoulder, weaving in and out of lanes, and other moving violations could result in a collision with a motorcyclist. Driving while intoxicated may raise those risks even further.

Distracted driving may not come with the same reckless disregard as driving under the influence, but it could be just as dangerous. Crashing into a motorcyclist when distracted by sending a text message may end in a fatality.

Taking proper care of a vehicle may boost its safety level on the road. Even small steps, such as adjusting mirrors, could prevent a collision.

Being on the alert for motorcyclists

When a motorcycle appears in view, drivers may find it necessary to make some adjustments. Motorcycles could pick up speed without warning, and they may stop the same way. Affording motorcycles additional space and time may reduce the chances of a mishap.

Don’t expect a motorcyclist to always follow the traffic laws. No one can predict what someone else will do, so don’t assume a motorcyclist will use turn signals, come to a complete stop or otherwise travel safely.

Take extra steps to be cautious even when parked. Opening a door too fast and without looking may present a barrier that a motorcyclist may not avoid. Expect potential legal troubles after such an incident.

Motorcycle accidents may increase when the weather turns inclement. If the weather and road conditions worsen, drivers need to be more alert and careful.

When negligence factors into a motorcycle crash, a lawsuit may follow. A personal injury attorney could represent a victim in court or to an insurance provider.


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