What is Connecticut’s dog bite law?

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Connecticut’s dog bite law states that the owner of the dog is liable if the animal causes injury to the person or property of another. It also applies if the injured person wasn’t trespassing when the bite occurred. The victim must also not have been teasing, abusing or provoking the animal.

Dog owners in Connecticut are considered to be liable for all injuries their pets cause. It’s considered to be a “strict liability” law even if the dog owner considers the dog to be friendly and doesn’t recognize any aggressive behavior before the incident occurs.

What to do if a dog bites you

If you get bit by a dog, it’s important to attempt to wash the wound. Use a clean cloth to slow the bleeding, and apply pressure. Use antibiotic cream on the affected area, and use a bandage to wrap the wound. If the bleeding continues, visit urgent care or an emergency room for further treatment.

The bandage should be changed several times each day to reduce the risk of infection. A medical professional may recommend that you get a tetanus shot if it’s been five years since you last had the vaccine. Keep all medical records, and take photos of the injury to use if you choose to take legal action against the dog owner.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

If you sustain a dog bite from another person’s pet, you can reach out to an attorney who has handled personal injury cases if you want to take legal action. A lawyer will review the details and evidence of the case. He or she will help you fight for the compensation you deserve whether you have mounting medical bills or lost wages.


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