How does someone recover claims in a slip-and-fall case?

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People out and about in Connecticut might not expect to suffer an injury, but mishaps happen. Sometimes, merely taking a little walk or going shopping could lead to harm. An individual suffering injuries from a slip-and-fall accident may need to consult with an attorney about seeking compensation.

Injuries from slip-and-fall incidents

Many slip-and-fall incidents could result in a sprained wrist or a minor muscle tear. Subsequent doctor visits might come with significant bills, and missed work may prove unavoidable.

Some falls could lead to broken bones or even brain injuries. The financial repercussions in such incidents might be tremendous, so the individual may look for a way to recover losses and damages. The possibility does exist to file an insurance claim or explore lawsuit options. Proving negligence factors heavily into such paths.

Negligence and filing claims

For a premises liability claim, the property owner either had to be at fault for an accident or failed to take action to prevent the accident. For example, not keeping a pathway or public area free of debris or failing to clear away snow and ice may contribute to an accident. A business that fails to clean up, post a warning or cordon off a slippery floor may end up liable for accidents. Poor lighting conditions on commercial properties or trip hazards inside a home might all factor into negligence claims.

Often, people who suffer injuries in slip-and-fall accidents can file claims against a property owner’s liability insurance. With businesses, commercial liability insurance could cover the incident. Apartment dwellers could have renter’s insurance as well.

Not everyone may have enough insurance or any insurance to cover a slip-and-fall accident. Therefore, an injured person might need to file a civil suit. In some situations, suing beyond the insurance liability limits may be unavoidable in order to fully cover medical bills and lost wages.

A personal injury attorney may assist a client seeking a settlement for a slip-and-fall accident. The attorney may handle negotiations with the relevant insurance company and do so from a position of experience.


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