Could slip-and-fall accidents result in high damages?

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A person could slip and fall virtually anywhere in Connecticut. A spill in front of someone’s house, a slip in a grocery store parking lot or a bad landing in a convenience store may lead to various injuries. Sometimes, the injuries involve sprains and tears that require serious but limited treatment. Other times, the injuries could be life-altering, leading to tremendous settlements of judgments. Some slip-and-fall accident victims might feel shocked upon discovering the potential settlement amounts.

High settlement amounts in Connecticut

A look at the top settlements of 2020 reveals several multi-million-dollar judgments. A class-action suit led to an $18.75 million settlement with an apartment complex due to health hazards, and several vehicle accidents resulted in seven-figure payouts. There was also a stairwell fall incident that led to a tremendous settlement.

One slip-and-fall accident led to a $2 million settlement after a woman suffered a traumatic brain injury while on a museum tour. The fall saw the victim tumble on the stairs and land on a hard wooden floor. The landing resulting in brain trauma, and blame pointed to the poor lighting, lack of a guardrail and old stairs.

Poor lighting makes visibility difficult, and the stairs lacking a guardrail give someone nothing to hold onto for safety or stability. As evidenced by the large settlement, the scenario pointed to negligence in the museum’s direction.

Points about settlements

High settlement amounts might be possible when someone suffers severe injuries that require extensive medical care. Gross negligence could factor into a higher figure as well.

Some settlements come after negotiations with an insurance company. In other cases, a lawsuit settlement may be a possibility. Either way, an ample settlement might replace a drawn-out trial.

A slip-and-fall injury might cause severe pain and suffering along with high medical bills and a prolonged recovery. A personal injury attorney might help an injured victim seek compensation for these damages.


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