What are some safety considerations when walking around in the winter?

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Some people find winter serves as their favorite season of the year. Recent snowfall and various holiday decorations could make Connecticut towns come alive. The weather could become cold, and snow may roll in, making things difficult for people to get around. The routine act of walking comes with risks. People worried about injuries may need to be more careful with each wintertime step.

Basic points about winter walking

Sometimes, the best steps involve avoidance. Is it necessary to walk somewhere or to leave the house soon after snow or freezing rain arrives? If not, why not wait until conditions improve, such as when the snow and ice melt? Doing so could be worthwhile. Be mindful that even when snow and ice melt and things look fine, a surface may remain slippery.

Perhaps investing in the right footwear could help. Boots and shoes designed for winter weather might be waterproof and provide better traction. Even with the proper footwear, exercising caution may still prove advisable.

Walking on snow and ice may increase risks dramatically. Seeking a clear path or walking around snow or ice patches could cut down on slips and falls. Still, be cautious, no matter where you are walking to avoid personal injury.

Unfortunately, not everyone clears ice and snow away from their homes or businesses. Injuries resulting from such potential negligence could lead to a civil suit.

Taking extra measures to reduce hazards

Placing your hands inside a coat pocket may help keep them warm, but doing so could also affect your balance. Investing in a pair of gloves and positioning the head for better balance may be advisable. Using an appropriate cane and grabbing handrails may have benefits.

Talking on the phone or texting might not be the best plan on slippery surfaces. Running or carrying heavy items may also prove ill-advised.

Snowy and icy surfaces create the potential for slips and falls. Using caution when walking in the winter seems like a good plan. If hurt, speaking to a personal injury attorney could prove valuable.


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