Does winter create more risks for a car accident?

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2021 | Car Accidents

Winter brings more than cold weather to Connecticut. Snow, ice and freezing rain present hazards to people traveling on streets or highways. When driving in the winter, anyone operating a vehicle should think about ways to improve safety on the road.

Winter often changes road conditions

Snowy roads could create dangers even for people who think they are driving safely. In reality, they may drive the way they usually do, which could be unsafe during winter conditions. A driver may need to drive slower due to the risks of skidding or drifting. A little extra braking distance can prove valuable as well.

Investing in snow tires might be advisable. The tires could provide more traction, adding more safety to the ride. With that said, there are considerations a driver must take. Old, rotted snow tires might not add additional safety; their poor performance might even increase risks. Those who knowingly driving on unsafe tires could be liable for an accident. There are other forms driver negligence could take when it comes to vehicle maintenance.

Safety on the road during winter conditions

Are the wiper blades doing their job? Old blades might not work well, making it difficult to see through the windshield. A driver could cause an accident when choosing not to replace their wiper blades. The same might be the case when the defrosters don’t work or there’s no windshield washer fluid available. Drivers who do not maintain their vehicles could put an unsafe car on the road and thus be held liable if an accident occurs.

In addition, unsafe driving habits could play a role in a wintertime accident. Following too closely, speeding, blowing through intersections and making excessive or hazardous lane changes represent dangerous actions even during nice weather. On icy roads or during snowstorms, these driving practices could lead to a severe accident. A massive pileup on a snow-covered highway may easily cause fatalities.

Wintertime increases conditions for motor vehicle accidents, and unsafe driving behavior could drive risks up further. If a person has been injured due to a driver’s negligence, contacting an attorney might be an appropriate move. The attorney may deal with the insurance company to work on a settlement.


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