Dog bites often require emergency medical attention

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2020 | Animal Bites

Many New Haven County residents have dogs or at least like dogs even if they do not own one themselves. Though many dogs have an even and friendly temperament, it is easy for any dog to feel threatened or fearful, and these feelings could lead to even the friendliest-seeming dog biting or attacking someone. Unfortunately, dog bites are not something to take lightly, even if the wound does not seem serious.

A dog can bite more quickly than some people anticipate, and many adults and children often do not see the attack coming before it happens. They may feel as if the animal suddenly turned on them, and find themselves with bites to their hands, other extremities or even their face. After a dog bite occurs, it is important that the wound or wounds are cleaned with soap and water and that pressure is applied to the wound in efforts to stop bleeding.

Though some minor bites can be treated at home, dogs bites can often be serious, especially if they are deep or if multiple bites occurred. It is not unusual for emergency treatment to be needed after a deep bite or a bite to the face. These wounds may need stitches to heal properly, and medication to prevent infection may also be needed. Seeking medical attention after a dog bite is always wise as it is not always possible to know whether an animal may have been carrying a serious disease, like rabies.

In some cases, the negligence of dog owners can lead to innocent individuals being bitten and seriously injured. If New Haven County residents have found themselves suffering from dog bites, they could face long recovery times, significant medical bills, threats to their overall health and more difficulties. In some cases, victims may have reason to take legal action against the dog owner or other parties considered liable for the injury-causing incident in hopes of receiving compensation.


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