The holiday season brings increased drunk driving risk

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2020 | Drunk Driving Accidents

With temperatures dropping and Halloween over, the winter holiday season is on its way, as the displays at most major retail outlets reflect. You may find yourself looking forward to a Thanksgiving feast, gift exchanges or just celebrating the approach of the new year with people you love.

All of the festivities during the winter holiday season can be an excuse to cut loose, but they also create more risk on the road. A combination of time off of work, alcohol-infused celebrations and family pressure can lead to people overindulging in alcohol before they leave a celebration for the night. In other words, when the holiday season hits, your risk of getting into a crash caused by a drunk driver goes up as well.

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is particularly dangerous

Statistically, both the weekends before and after major holidays as well as the holiday itself often see a spike in drunk driving crashes. This is true for Christmas and the 4th of July, but the Christmas season has many days of higher risk.

Given that children are home from school and many parents take several days off between Christmas and New Year’s, there are many opportunities for people to drink too much and then drive between Christmas and the end of the year. That week often sees many tragedies that could have been avoided.

Exerting extra caution on the road during this dangerous time can keep you and your loved ones safe. If you do wind up hurt in a crash caused by someone under the influence, it’s important that you consider all of your rights, including the right to seek compensation for expenses and damages.


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