How much do spinal cord injuries cost accident victims?

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Serious motor vehicle accidents can cause massive trauma to the human body. Along with traumatic brain injury, damage to the spinal cord is one of the most devastating injuries. Victims of such physical damage can expect to require immediate and long-term medical care, the costs of which can soar into the millions in the most severe cases.

According to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, the costs of spinal cord damage depend upon the severity of the injury. Treatment for damage high along the spinal cord (high tetraplegia), costs more than treatment for low spinal cord injuries (low tetraplegia).

Estimated first-year medical costs for victims

  • High tetraplegia — $1,064,716
  • Low tetraplegia — $769,351
  • Lower body damage — $518,904
  • Incomplete motor function — $347,484

Estimated costs for each subsequent year

  • High tetraplegia — $184,891
  • Low tetraplegia — $113,423
  • Lower body damage — $68,739
  • Incomplete motor function — $42,206

Estimates for lifetime medical costs range from $1,113,990 on the low end to $4,724,181 on the high end. The full costs depend upon the age of the victim and the severity of the injury. Most residents of New Haven County or New London County, Connecticut, cannot afford to pay this much to receive proper health care.

Sometimes, a motor vehicle accident is just an accident. Perhaps a patch of ice on the road caused a driver to slide and lose control, for example. Other times, another motorist’s negligence caused the crash and the victim’s injuries. When negligence is a factor, it is wise for victims to consider finding a legal remedy to help meet the expenses associated with spinal cord injuries.

The compensation victims may receive from motor vehicle accident claims helps with the costs of serious injuries and improves their quality of life going forward.


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