Treatment options after a car crash

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If you are involved in a car accident while traveling on a Connecticut road or highway, you may experience a variety of injuries. They could range from a few cuts or bruises to chronic pain that may take months or years to recover from. Generally speaking, the type of treatment that you will receive depends on where you were hurt and the severity of your injuries.

Facial injuries can be treated in many different ways

It isn’t uncommon for your face to hit the steering wheel or to be impacted by a flying object in the immediate aftermath of a car crash. This could result in broken bones, missing teeth or other facial injuries that may require surgery to adequately repair. In most cases, cuts or scrapes will be treated with stitches or bandages and should heal within a few days. It may take several weeks or months to recover from surgery.

Collarbones may heal on their own

In a car accident, your body may be pushed against your safety belt, and the force of the impact could result in a broken collarbone. Generally speaking, the collarbone will heal itself in as few as six weeks, but you may be required to wear a sling or a similar device designed to immobilize the bone until it is healthy.

In some cases, being pushed against your safety belt may result in a broken rib. Broken ribs may also heal on their own over a period of several weeks. Depending on the extent of the damage, it may be necessary to have surgery to adequately repair the damage done to a collarbone or rib.

It may be possible to sustain significant injuries even if you are involved in a minor car accident. A personal injury attorney may review your case and create a strategy to help you potentially obtain compensation for medical bills and other damages. Legal counsel might use medical records, witness statements or other evidence to show that you were injured and that you were hurt because of another person’s careless actions.


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