Motorcycle accident results in critical injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2020 | Car Accidents

Many people often feel as if other vehicles or hazards that cause a crash just come out of nowhere. Of course, it can sometimes feel this way when in reality a driver was simply not paying enough attention to the road. When a motorcycle accident occurs, it is possible that a driver overlooked the smaller vehicle and traveled into its path.

This type of scenario may have contributed to a recent crash that took place in New Haven County. According to reports, the incident involved a motorcyclist that was traveling north and an SUV that was heading south. The SUV driver attempted to make a left turn onto an interstate entrance ramp and traveled into the path of the motorcycle.

The incident resulted in the motorcyclist crashing into the SUV and being thrown from the motorcycle. He was taken from the scene to an area hospital and was considered to be in critical condition. Three individuals in the SUV were also injured, but their injuries were not considered life threatening. At the time of the report, the crash was still under investigation.

This New Haven County motorcycle accident will certainly have lasting effects on the critically injured man. He may find himself struggling to heal from his injuries, successfully return to work and go about his daily life like he used to. It is also likely that he will face financial repercussions that can cause strain on his circumstances, but fortunately, he may be able to pursue a personal injury claim against the other driver involved if authorities consider that person at fault for the crash.


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