The importance of controlling your emotions during divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2020 | Family Law And Divorce

A pair of strangers walk into your office. One of them says please and thank you; they listen when someone else is talking, and when it is their turn, they politely explain things. The other is snarling like a mountain lion, talking over the other person, and talking badly about them. You have a cake to split between them. To whom do you give the bigger slice of cake? 

When a divorce goes to court in New Haven County, the judge has to decide how to divide the assets between two people. If there are children, she must also determine what share of time each parent gets with their children. She has to base her decision on what she hears and what she sees. How you behave in court may influence her thinking.

If you lose your temper in court, a judge may consider you do the same with your children and decide it is better for the children if the other parent gets custody. They may also believe this is how you were in your marriage and feel your spouse deserves a larger share of the assets.

It is not just in the courtroom that you need to control your behavior. If a judge hears that you have been going into your wife’s workplace and causing a scene, or throwing the crockery in an argument, it will count against you. While you may have frustrations, you could be harming yourself if you choose to air them during your divorce.

If you have trouble controlling your emotions, it may be best to let your New Haven County divorce attorney do most of the talking. Professional representation is essential to ensure you get a fair share of the cake.


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