Child custody and the Fourth of July: Keep this in mind

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2020 | Family Law And Divorce

You want your kids to have a great time with their other parent during the Fourth of July weekend, but you’re concerned. They’ve mentioned fireworks and firecrackers, some smoke bombs and other items that you’re not sure they should be using yet. You don’t want to see them get hurt on what should be a relatively safe holiday.

If you’re concerned about your children’s safety on the Fourth, it’s a good idea to talk to your ex-spouse before you let them head over. Most parents won’t do anything that puts their children at risk, but it can be a good idea to set some ground rules that you can both agree on. For example, you may want to ask that:

  • Your children aren’t allowed to play with firecrackers or fireworks without parental supervision
  • Young children have a parent with them during the festivities to prevent accidents
  • Your children eat some of the snacks and treats available, but also that they eat some normal foods. You may suggest not allowing them to have caffeine or sugary drinks if they normally aren’t allowed, for example. Similarly, if your child has an allergy, now is the time to review an emergency plan in case of a reaction
  • Your ex-spouse only takes your children to professional fireworks shows instead of shows put on by amateurs

These are reasonable requests on the whole. If you and your ex-spouse talk about this in advance and learn what is or is not acceptable to the other parent, you should be able to come to a sort of parenting agreement that will help keep your children safe.


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