Common issues kids face during divorce

On Behalf of | May 13, 2020 | Family Law And Divorce

Connecticut parents often wonder what goes through their children’s minds at various times. It can be difficult to know for certain because children, like adults, sometimes try to hide their emotions. This may be a particular concern for parents who are going through divorce and worry about what their children are experiencing.

Though many children have friends whose parents are divorced, each situation is different. Some children may feel hurt that one parent will not be living in the same house any longer, and it is possible that children may even think it is their fault that the parent no longer lives there. Of course, other children may feel a sense of relief if their parents are no longer together because the relationship was full of tension, which can easily affect children.

If parents have concerns about what their children may be feeling, it is wise to try to have open communication. Knowing that their parents are willing to listen may help kids open up about whether they are scared, hurt, feeling at fault or relieved. It is important during these times that children understand that their feelings are valid and that their parents will continue to support them no matter what.

Divorce is a difficult process for parents and children, and child custody proceedings can be some of the more tricky steps in a marriage dissolution case. Connecticut parents undoubtedly want what is best for their kids and do not want their custody terms to hinder their well-being in any way. If parents are concerned about custody terms, they may want to obtain reliable information about their options.


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