Tips for co-parenting with an addict

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2020 | Family Law And Divorce

If you know that your ex is addicted or dependent on alcohol or drugs, it can be difficult to have to deal with child custody matters. Your top priority must be making sure that your children are safe. The parenting plan that governs the children should address the addiction. It might include terms that prevent the parent from having visits if they are inebriated or it might require that all visits are supervised.

Even with the best of the parenting plans, there is a chance that the children will be negatively impacted by the situation. You’ll need to help them as they work through the situation and learn to cope with the emotions that come with knowing that one of their parents has an issue.

Because one of the child’s primary concerns might be that they don’t get to spend time with that parent often, you might need to work with your ex to find ways around this. Allowing virtual visits, hopefully when they aren’t high, might be one of these. Your children can still have communication with their parent without it putting them in physical danger.

Sometimes, turning to the court might be beneficial. It might help to find out when the person is using the substances. For some, it’s possible to leave drugs or alcohol alone while they have the children. The court could work to find out what’s going on so that a plan for the children can be made.

Remember, recovery is possible. If your ex is taking steps to overcome the addiction, you might be able to breathe a little easier. Try not to hold the past against them, but take things slowly. Just make sure that you’re following the parenting plan, so you don’t face legal issues.


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