Now is a good time to think about creating a will

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2020 | Estate Planning, Wills & Probate

You haven’t ever liked the idea of having a will. It makes you think about death, and you don’t want to go to that kind of dark place when you’re healthy and young. It’s a good idea to think about it, though, because all of your assets will need to be distributed after your death. Your debts will need to be paid. You may have your own preferences for what you’d like to see happen to your assets or even over the kind of funeral you have.

It can be hard to talk about a will or estate plan, but your attorney has experience in this field and can help you understand everything there is to know. They will talk you through setting up a will that benefits your estate and your beneficiaries, so you know that your loved ones won’t be left with a mess.

What happens if your estate has to go through probate?

If you die without a will, then the probate courts in Connecticut will take over an important role in dividing the property within the estate. The courts are there to help with probating wills, to oversee living and testamentary trusts, to determine the titles associated with personal and real property and to determine the meaning of trusts or wills.

Settling an estate is a complex process, and most people do work with an attorney because of the significance of this legal process. It’s only after the estate is settled that beneficiaries will be able to receive the remaining assets they were intended to have after their loved one’s passing.

Our website has more about wills and probate. If you don’t have one yet, it may be time to start creating a plan.


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