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On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2020 | Family Law And Divorce

January is a time for people to make New Year’s Resolutions. While many individuals are busy making plans to lose weight, to quit smoking, to get a better job or something of the sort, countless others weather the holidays then decide to walk away from their marriages.

The number of individuals that choose to divorce in January is at least one-third higher than it is any other month according to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. If you’re heading for a marital split, then there are some things that you’ll want to do right now to prepare.

If both you and your spouse are committed to ending your marriage, then you may think that you can quickly resolve your differences between yourselves. While this may be possible if you have no children and share very little assets, that’s not the case most husbands and wives are in.

Most couples have intermingled their finances, who own a home, cars and other valuable assets. Many have debts. Others have kids.

Husbands and wives often end up fighting over these two items because they don’t want to part ways with their belongings or miss a moment with their kids. There are even instances where one spouse may want to continue working on the relationship while the other is ready to throw in the towel on it. If a divorce is contested, then it can take longer to be resolved, particular if a judge has to step in and make decisions .

How negotiations go and when a case gets resolved matters a great deal when you’re waiting to restart your life. A family law and divorce attorney can advocate for you in your Norwich case so that you can resolve your impending divorce as quickly, cost-effectively and satisfactorily as possible.


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