Connecticut domestic violence charges aren’t something to ignore

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Domestic violence doesn’t just involve one romantic partner inflicting physical harm on another. Instead, this crime can take on many forms.

In Connecticut, much like other statues across this country, criminal offenses such as stalking, threatening, simple or sexual assault or strangulation are all crimes that an individual can be charged with. All of these crimes are considered to be domestic-violence related offenses.

Anyone who engages in behavior that causes another person to fear for their safety or that of someone that they care about is considered as stalking. An individual who is charged with a second degree or third-degree stalking is likely to face Class A or B misdemeanor charges. A first-degree stalking offense is a Class D felony here in Connecticut.

An individual who voices plans to inflict physical harm on someone else, with or without the use of a firearm may be charged with threatening. A first-degree offense is a Class D felony whereas a second-degree one is a Class A misdemeanor.

Someone has to inflict physical harm on another individual to be charged with assault here in Connecticut.

If a pregnant woman loses her child after being assaulted, then the perpetrator of the criminal act will be charged with a Class A felony. First and second-degree assault charges are considered to be Class B and Class D felonies respectively. Anyone charged with assault in the third degree in this state is likely to be charged with a Class A misdemeanor.

Strangulation, or impeding a victim’s ability to breathe, can be prosecuted as anything from a Class A misdemeanor through a Class C felony in the state.

Anyone charged with a sexual assault, or any non-consensual or coerced sex act, may face Class D on up to Class A felony charges.

Connecticut state law allows for anyone found guilty of violating a protective or restraining order to be charged with a Class D felony.

Individuals are seldom charged with a single violation stemming from a domestic violence dispute. They are instead charged with one or more violations at the same time. This is why you should seek the guidance of an experienced Norwich criminal defense attorney if you’ve been charged with such offenses. If you don’t, then the consequences of a domestic abuse charge can be devastating.


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